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    The One:12 Collective Wonder Woman – Classic Edition comes prepared for battle, outfitted in reinforced torso armor and trunks with star pattern detailing. The unconquerable warrior wears a cape with an integrated posing wire that attaches via a clasp at the neck. Wonder Woman comes complete with weaponry fit for the Princess of the Amazons, such as the Sword of Athena and Lasso of Truth which can be held on her belt, a spear, a battle axe, and a shield.

    Diana Prince, better known as Wonder Woman, is a member of a tribe of women called the Amazons, native to Paradise Island. Wonder Woman has come to represent the possibility and potential of life without war, hate, or violence. She stands amongst the most power superheroes to protect the world from injustice in all forms.

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    An incoming transmission from The Void instructs Gomez to go unseen, unheard, and unknown.

    The One:12 Collective Gomez – Stealth Ops Edition is outfitted in all black - a turtleneck shirt, armored vest with handgun holster and knife sheath, cargo pants, and boots. Gomez is equipped with a high-tech hoverboard that magnetically attaches to his feet, and a backpack with adjustable straps and hook-and-loop closure.

    This secret operative, super sensation comes complete with an impressive arsenal consisting of a takedown “construct-rifle” that forms several weapons and conceals neatly in his boom box sidekick, Boom Boom, as well as his trusty Cosmic Pea Shooter, a C4 explosive and detonator, a bow with arrows and quiver, Zip Sword and sheath, and much more. Gomez neatly conceals his armory in his black duffle bag with a functional zipper.

    Gomez – Stealth Ops Edition is packaged in a functional lunchbox tin, perfect for storing sandwiches on days of long intergalactic travel.

    Receiving instructions via a combination of subliminal broadcasts and interfacing with his trusty boom box sidekick, Boom Boom, Gomez is ready for any inter-dimensional mission. What adventures lie ahead? You decide.

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    Continuing to wage his one-man war on crime, Batman: Sovereign Knight now faces off with the infamous mob boss known as Black Mask.

    The One:12 Collective Batman: Sovereign Knight features an upgraded Bat-Suit with body armor detail and a reinforced breast plate bat insignia. The Dark Knight comes equipped with a grappling gun with 3 hooks, including a hook with an integrated posing wire, as well as a sonic distributor and large batarang.

    The One:12 Collective Black Mask is outfitted in a tailored pinstripe suit. The criminal mastermind comes complete with a radioactive briefcase bomb that features a light up function when opened, as well as a handgun and submachine gun.

    Black Mask, also known as Roman Sionis, is a mob boss who controls large sections of Gotham City’s criminal underworld. Leader of the False Face Society, Black Mask is a longtime enemy of Batman and one of the most prominent figures in Gotham City’s organized crime.

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    Moon Knight is at his strongest during a full moon – gaining super speed, agility, invisibility, and glimpses of astral planes. Donning his darker two-toned suit, the One:12 Collective Moon Knight – Crescent Edition is presented in a fitted Adamantium suit with a 3D crescent insignia and removable hoods. The combat-ready hero comes complete with a grappling hook baton and nunchucks that are connected by a real chain, a crescent blade, and a staff.

    An out-of-body experience in an Egyptian temple leads Marc Spector to become the mystically-enhanced vigilante known as Moon Knight, delivering vengeance in Khonshu’s name.

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    "The signal goes on and he shows up. That's the way it's been, that's the way it will be."

    The Bat Signal, the searchlight device used to summon Batman, is rotatable and shines bright in any direction it’s pointed. Simply flip the switch on the base to power it on and crank the handle to emit the Bat emblem onto a flat surface.

    The One:12 Collective Commissioner James Gordon figure comes with two head sculpts portraying a mid-career James W. Gordon as well as an older portrait. The figure is outfitted in a button-down shirt with necktie, a removable trench coat, slacks, and dress shoes. Committed to ridding Gotham City of crime, he comes well equipped with a removable GCPD issued tactical vest with functioning zipper, and a that belt can hold his GCPD police badge, walkie talkie, and handgun with holster.

    Set the scene with the included diorama display which portrays a gritty, urban rooftop where the Bat Signal can be used to light up the Gotham sky.

    Somewhat skeptical of Batman’s vigilante method, Commissioner Gordon recognizes the necessity of Batman and the two have developed a mutual respect, a steely forged alliance, and implicit friendship.

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    Prepared for any inter-dimensional mission, this insecta-sapien of mystery comes complete with an impressive arsenal consisting of a takedown “construct-rifle” that forms several weapons and conceals neatly in his boom box sidekick, Boom Boom. Also included are his trusty Cosmic Pea-Shooter, a small blaster pistol with a big kick, the Zip-Sword with sheath and adjustable cross-body strap, and two Doom Cocktail grenades.

    Dapper in his 2-piece suit, the Mezco Toyz mascot comes with a removable trench coat with an integrated posing wire in the belt. If that wasn’t enough,  Gomez includes three interchangeable heads: his classic look, an updated modern look, a roach head, and a skull because skulls are always fun!

    Gomez, sole operating agent of The Void, receives instructions by a combined subliminal broadcast and interface with his boom box, Boom Boom

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    The One:12 Collective Iron Man: Armor Model 42 Edition features a light-up function that illuminates Iron Man’s arc reactor, the source of his power. Designed with real metal components, the armored Avenger’s comes equipped with a range of booster and blast effects, including a chest beam repulsor that lights up when attached to the arc reactor.

    Powered by numerous Repulsor Tech cores, the Armor Model 42 was developed by Tony Stark initially for testing new technological developments but was later upgraded for battle. Featuring modular abilities and new A.I., the Armor Model 42 adds to Stark’s impressive armory of Iron Man suits.

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    The mezco One:12 Collective Daredevil – Vigilante Edition captures Matt Murdock at the beginning of his heroic journey as he upholds justice in Hell’s Kitchen, as portrayed by Charlie Cox.

    Outfitted in a long sleeve shirt with utility pants and mid-calf combat boots, the Man Without Fear comes complete with his signature Billy Clubs that can be used separately or joined together. Both Billy Clubs fit neatly into the holster on his thigh.

    Armed with first-rate martial arts skills and heightened senses, Matt Murdock stalks the streets of Hell’s Kitchen delivering vigilante justice as Daredevil, the Man Without Fear.

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    Mezco’s One:12 Collective Batman trilogy continues with Batman: Sovereign Knight. Now at the peak of his career, the Sovereign Knight is the Batman of the present day. This is Batman in his prime.

    The One:12 Collective Batman: Sovereign Knight – Onyx Edition features exclusively designed Bat-Suit body armor detail and a reinforced breast plate bat insignia. The Caped Crusader comes loaded with Bat-Gadgets including a Bat-Drone and Sonic Disruptor.

    Using the tools and knowledge he has acquired since starting his war on crime, in combination with his upgraded arsenal, the Sovereign Knight is ready to take on the most dangerous of Gotham’s criminals.

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    The Mezco One 12 Collective Exclusive Catwoman is dressed in her classic Purple form-fitting Cat suit. The Exclusive Catwoman also comes with three exquisitely detailed head portraits. 

    She also comes with a whip, waist belt with an opening tool kit, removable backpack, and goggles that fit both masked heads. 

    Morally ambiguous, stealthy, and agile, Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman, started out as a cat burglar to survive and protect those closest to her. Utilizing a cat mask, this furtive femme fatale is known to steal from Gotham City’s rich and corrupt. Do not cross this cat or bad luck is sure to follow.

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    Mezco gave these out to Toy Fair 2019 attendees at their press event.

    Very hard to find!

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    The One:12 Collective First Appearance Dr. Strange is based his his look from Strange Tales issues 110-128. It captures the Master of the Mystic Arts at the very beginning of his path towards becoming Sorcerer Supreme.

    Dr. Strange comes complete with a magnetically attached cloak that has an integrated posing wire, a newly designed outfit inspired by his early appearances, and an array of mystifying accessories including an enchanted amulet, mystical cloak and a rotatable Orb of Agamotto with hinged lid.

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